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Powerful evaluation capabilities for every stage of the hiring process

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Auto-graded challenges, questions, and take-home projects

Select and customize real-world challenges for any role to quickly qualify candidates.

  • Massive library of 1,000+ challenges, 30+ languages, & 100+ skills
  • Front-end, API, Databases, Data science, Machine learning, & more
  • Multiple choice, open-ended, & video response questions
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Live coding IDE with frameworks, video, and whiteboard

Collaboratively interview candidates using our real-time code editor, spreadsheets, Jupyter Notebooks, and whiteboarding.

  • Front-end & back-end frameworks with file directories
  • Private notes, scorecards, & interview playback
  • Custom questions, intervew templates, & full terminal access
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Featured in top publications

G2 - 200+ reviews
Capterra - 50+ reviews

Combine your hiring process with our extensive challenge library for technical and interpersonal skills

Code Editor

Intuitive & fully-featured with 100+ languages, skills, and frameworks
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Code Playback

Watch candidates code using our session playback technology


Code completion, hints, error checking, and parameter info

File System

Full access to a filetree when using our project-based challenges

Mobile Emulator

A custom mobile view for our Android & iOS challenges

Custom Challenges

Easily create your own custom challenges with test cases

Custom Databases

Upload custom SQL databases and tables for your templates


Turn on Vim or Emacs mode at any point in our IDE

Reports & Scorecards

Fill out a scorecard and share reports with your team


Fully featured spreadsheet challenges


Writing and interpersonal skills question sets

Jupyter Notebooks

Native Jupyter Notebooks for data science and visualization


Flowcharts and diagrams in live interviews

Text Responses

1,000+ question sets for any role or skill, or create your own questions

Multiple Choice

1,000+ question sets for any role or skill, or create your own questions

Video Responses

Interpersonal and communication skill questions

Take-Home Projects

Create your own or use our templates for take-home projects

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To summarize...

Coderbyte has features for startups, staffing agencies, bootcamps, and larger organizations
Coderbyte is easy-to-use for recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates
Coderbyte is perfect for migrating workflows and creating new ones from scratch


  • Unlimited admins
  • Unlimited assessments & interviews
  • Unlimited candidates ?
  • 14-day free trial
  • Pay-per-candidate plan?


  • 500+ challenges ?
  • Multiple choice & text responses ?
  • Cheating detection ?
  • Google search embedded ?
  • Candidate video responses ?


  • Whiteboarding ?
  • Code playback
  • Video/audio chat ?
  • Challenge library & test cases ?
  • Custom SQL tables ?

Take-Home Projects

  • GitHub Integration ?
  • Custom, open-ended tasks
  • Manage candidate submissions
  • Compensate your candidates ?


  • Shareable candidate reports ?
  • Scrores and benchmarking ?
  • Code playback ?
  • Code complexity & runtime


  • Workspaces and permissions ?
  • Read-only users ?
  • Custom notifications ?
  • Single sign-on (SSO) ?


  • Custom welcome templates ?
  • Custom email templates ?
  • Custom interview templates ?
  • Custom challenges and projects ?


  • API integration via Zapier ?
  • Custom branding and subdomain ?
  • CSV data export
  • Live chat with support team

Simple, affordable, and flexible pricing

Unlike other platforms, we don’t have exorbitant costs to pass on to our customers.
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What is the difference between assessments and interviews?

There is no universally accepted terminology within the industry for describing candidate evaluations. Below is how Coderbyte and other software vendors define assessments, interviews, and other types of evaluations:

Challenge(s) and question(s) that a candidate answers asynchronously (i.e. independently), recorded within an online environment and/or unrecorded in their own environment and uploaded afterward, timed or untimed with or without a deadline, with automated and/or manual grading.

Read our best practices for assessments →

On Coderbyte, assessments can include any of the following custom questions or those selected from our library:
On other tools, assessments are known alternatively as:
  • HackerRank: Screening
  • Codility: CodeCheck Test
  • CodeSignal: Tech Screen
  • Coderpad: Take-home project (or Assessments if you are using CodinGame)
  • TestGorilla: Screening test

Challenge(s), question(s), and interactive environments that a candidate answers collaboratively (i.e. with interviewers), using video/audio within an online environment, untimed, with a scorecard manually completed by interviewers afterward.

Read our best practices for interviews →

On Coderbyte, interviews can include any of the following custom or from our library:
On other tools, interviews are known as:
  • HackerRank: Interview
  • Codility: CodeLive
  • CodeSignal: Interview
  • Coderpad: Pad

What types of roles and candidates can Coderbyte be used for?

Coderbyte is primarily used for junior, mid, and senior technical roles across software development, data science, and analysts. However, Coderbyte is increasingly used to assess and interview candidates for other software-adjacent roles. See the following comprehensive list:
  • Software Development: front-end, back-end, mobile, DevOps, database, QA
  • Data Science & Analysis: data scientist, data engineer
  • Design & Research: UX design, UX research, product management
  • Sales & Marketing: SDR, marketing analyst, customer success
  • Finance & Operations: Financial analyst, HR analyst
  • Interpersonal Skills: culture, integrity, communication, writing

What coding languages, skills, and questions does Coderbyte have in its library?

We do not publicly publish our library of thousands of challenge and questions, but you can see examples and an overview for the following:

Coding challenges
We have 500+ algorithmic coding challenges and project-based coding challenges, with more added or refreshed weekly. See an example challenge and our library of supported languages.

Sample assessments
You can view several sample assessments with challenges, multiple choice questions, and open-ended questions for our roles here.

Can we create our own custom challenges and questions?

You can create your own coding challenges, multiple choice questions, open-ended questions, and video response questions. You can also import custom whiteboards and Jupyter Notebooks during interviews.

Have the challenges and questions been vetted by a third party for bias and accessibility?

Coderyte's assessments have been created and iterated upon over a decade, with millions of consumers and candidates having completed them. Enabling companies to offer unbiased assessments is our top priority which is why we are the only platform in the world to offer anonymized candidate reports and review all custom challenges submitted by employers. We encourage employers to have their assessments vetted by third parties and we have a comprehensive help center for employers to understand how to administer unbiased assessments and review results.

What customer support or service is available? Can I schedule a demo with a sales representative?

All customers have access to our comprehensive help center and support ticketing system. Our support hours are 9am ET - 9pm ET (GMT -5), 7 days per week, and our average response time is 1 hour. Customers can also upgrade to receive real-time chat support.

If you are not a customer, you can submit an inquiry here. However, due to substantial demand we encourage you to first consult our help center.

We host live expert demos every two weeks with Q&A. You can watch a recorded one or sign up for an upcoming one here.

If you need expert account management, you can inquire about our Enterprise plan.

What are the different subscriptions and pricing options available? Are there any limitations?

Coderbyte offers customers two types of pricing options, with the ability to switch between them as needed:

Subscriptions (14-day free trial)
Our subscription includes unlimited candidates, admins, assessments, and interviews. You can pay $199/month or $1,188/year (50% discount). If you are a staffing agency, bootcamp, or high-volume employer, we recommend a subscription plan. While you are able to invite unlimited candidates on Coderbyte, we do have some concurrency limits for performance reasons. Less than 0.1% of customers ever come close to hitting these limits.

You can select from two pay-per-candidate plans:
  • $500 for 50 candidates that expires after 90 days
  • $350 for 30 candidates that expires after 90 days

Do I have to pay with a credit card?

ACH is available upon request for customers that are spending or planning to spend $2,000+ per year on Coderbyte.

How does Coderbyte prevent cheating? What if candidates find solutions available online?

Cheating can be a frustrating problem when trying to determine which candidates are unqualified. The overwhelming majority of candidates are honest, and we work hard to ensure that employers using Coderbyte create great recruiting experiences for these candidates. Whereas many of our competitors try to solve cheating by creating ruthless and invasive experiences that candidates hate and publicly complain about, we've innovated in a variety of unique and more effective ways:

Cheating prevention
  • Fresh library of challenges and questions: We are constantly added, refreshing, and changing our library.
  • Require unique solutions With our unique token technology, each coding solution is required to be 100% unique.
  • Title masking Display challenges with a generic, random title so that candidates cannot easily search for answers online.
  • Reference search Enable candidates to search Google from within the code editor, giving you visibility and eliminating any reason to leave the tab.
Cheating detection
  • Playback Watch a recording of every keystroke and screen activity.
  • Copy & paste See everything that a candidate copy and pasted.
  • Tab leaving See every time a candidate leaves their browser tab.
  • Plagiarism See how unique or similar a candidate's submission is to others in our database.

How does Coderbyte compare to HackerRank, Coderpad, and TestGorilla?

Overall, Coderbyte is more affordable, has a better candidate experience, and offers assessments and interviews for more types of roles and skills than any other solution. You can find a feature by feature comparison here.

Is there a Coderbyte API? What integrations are available?

Zapier is a third-party service that enables you to connect Coderbyte to other tools including Slack, Workable, and Greenhouse. It is the only way to integrate with Coderbyte or access our API. This feature is available as an add-on.

How long does Coderbyte retain data? Where is data stored? Is Coderbyte SOC 2 compliant?

You can find comprehensive details in our guide here on this topic.